Hi again! Today Omotesando is at Bilboost, a network for young designers with the intention of:

1.- Setting up a framework of participation for international young creators, which will facilitate a potential for trends and generate an enormous interest from international companies in this field. 

2.- Promoting fashion as an authentic cultural asset in the service of the community, emphasising its close connection with artistic values. 

3.- Developing the social aspect of the project, thus helping young designers to compete on equal terms using the new technologies. 

All these activities will give confidence, now and in the future, to a sector in which creativity, innovation and renovation are essential for that competitiveness so necessary for the promotion and consolidation of young designers with initiative and talent. 

Sounds good! Since today we are part of Bilboost’s family, it has great sponsors behind, take a look at thttp://www.bilboost.com/. You can read below the interview about us. Thanks for reading! 😉


Asturian, engineers and lovers of design, craftsmanship and good taste. Pedro and Elena are a perfect tandem for years, as they say “we design and manufacture with four hands”.

But what do they design? They began working leather, doing things for themselves, briefcase to Pedro, bags to Elena, until familiar insistence let them show the world their designs.

Today, Omotesando is part of Bilboost.

Bilboost: Omotesando, why?
Omotesando: In a trip to Japan we discovered a world of respect for the artisan who we had never seen. We were fascinated of the care with which they treat the little things, handmade things, the same care with which we take every stitch of our bags. Omotesando is a street in Tokyo, and we liked the mix of modernity and tradition.

B: It is interesting, two engineers making bags… 
O: Yes, it is. We are engineers, this formation helps us in order to draw and create patterns of our designs. But Elena lived her childhood surrounded by sewing machines, needles, fabric and she earned to use thanks her mother. In addition, we completed our training with several courses and workshops.

B: When you design, do you follow the trends?
O: Well, we are awaiting emerging trends, so inevitably we are influenced by them, but our designs come thinking what we would like to have and we do not find in stores. Clean lines, simple, mixing geometry with leather. In addition, products that endure over time, as its quality will be with us for many years.

B: Where can we buy your products?
O: You can buy through our blog https://omotesandobags.wordpress.com/ We regular updates with new products. We are also part of the artisans’ platform http://omotesandobags.lanoa.com/. Furthermore, we are taking the first steps to sell in physical stores and soon we will have a domain for direct sale.

B: Is it difficult to find a hole in this market?
O: Yes, it’s very complicated, because nowadays all is mass production at low prices, but we are confident that there are people who value having a handmade product, original quality, because we take care of the design and we focus on high quality leather with treatments friendly environment and reasonable prices.

B: Thank you and welcome to Art & Fashion and virtual community, Bilboost.
O: We think that Bilboost is an excellent way of supporting new talent, is a showcase for young designers internationally and it shows that is guided by a passion to make things right.
We are excited for appearing in Bilboost and to be part of your project. This is a great opportunity to meet new fashion values.



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